My fashion lusts this week

I go on holiday soon and I’m GIDDY with excitement.  Everyone loves going on holiday but this vacation is going to be particularly great as I’ve rented a villa with my family, my fiancé and my brother’s lovely girlfriend.  Think pool, sun, red wine and lots and lots of round the world table tennis. YAY!!

We’re going to Kalkan in Turkey and having been there last summer I can say that if you’re looking for some cheap sun in a sophisticated setting with plenty of retail opportunities, you should try it.  The food, people and weather are great.  Also, as a number of fabulous bag designers buy their leather from Turkey, the fakes are amazing!!

When it comes to fakes or the real deals, I’m not very good at telling the difference but perhaps that means Turkish retailers are very good?

Anyway, my lusts this week aren’t designer handbags or sunglasses (or watches or belts or leather jackets) but holiday wear.  Luckily, I have just enough time before I go away to try to get my hands on them (hopefully….)

These are a must for during the day. My family and I eat a LOT so we’re bound to venture out for lunch every day so I need to be prepared.


But, the evenings are most important.  My mum and I love to dress up. So, even if the men wish to slob about or not make too much of an effort, we shall do! Heels are key because although Kalkan is hilly we’re bagged a villa that’s a flat walk from town.  Also, I am OBSESSED with neon at the moment so I have my eye on this dress….


Now, what’s my luggage allowance again….?

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