Summer work wardrobe

Well we  never thought it would happen but we seem to be having a prolonged heatwave!!  This means lovely lunch breaks on the roof or in the park, cheeky after work drinks outside the pub, oh and then let’s not forget SWEATING LIKE A PIG ON THE TRAIN/TUBE/[INSERT MODE OF TRANSPORT HERE] HOME.  It’s also really hard to pull off outfits every day that are:

1. smart (for work)

2. summery (because it is, look outside!) and

3. also able to cope with arctic conditions during the day when you’re at your desk and the office air conditioning is on full blast (why do they do that???)

What’s more, because last year’s summer never appeared (and I am skint) I do not have a full and fabulous summer wardrobe.  Frankly, I’m finding it quite hard to decide what to wear every day.  In the winter, you can get away with living in skinny black jeans because there are so many boot/jumper/jacket/funky tee combinations.  But in the summer??? What do you do????  It’s sooooooo obvious if you wear a skirt or dress more than once in a ten day period. Well, I notice anyway.

So, I’ve decided to find some absolute BARGAINS that should pad out the summer wardrobe a bit and hold you over until the rain returns.

tunicTunics are very valuable pieces.  They are just short enough to be tucked into skirts and trousers – I’m thinking black cropped with pointy heels – and long enough to work as a top over leggings.  This one is from Vero Moda at Zalando and  is £22 reduced from £28.  It also comes in other colours.

blackgreyskirt This is also a piece that can be worn multiple ways.  Worn casually, pair with a loose black or neon vest and flat sandals.  To smarten it up, it looks great with a statement white skirt and wedges. It’s currently £14 at Dorothy Perkins but if you hurry you could get a further 20% off online with this code: DPSALE20

I just mentioned vests and I think they are KEY. All you need is a plain bottom half and you can make a different outfit every day by plonking on a different coloured vest, and jewellery  Heck, why not even try different hairstyles?  That will make you look very different!  (Yes I really am THAT skint at the moment.)


These are £3.99 each from H&M and there are other colours to choose from. There are also a few with spaghetti straps but this is a work wardrobe post ladies and bra straps on show are a no no in the office.

Hope this helps!  I’m off to stick my head in the freezer for a bit! xx

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