Affordable summer trend 2013: Sheen

The metallic look has been big for Spring and Summer 2013 and there are still some great items on the high street to help you cover off this trend cheaply.  After all, summer is nearly over so you don’t want to spend lots on clothes that are a month away from becoming last season dahhhhhling.


To start with, how GORGEOUS are these?! They are a bit pricier than the other items I’ve posted before as part of this feature but as they’re not sandals you’ll be able to wear them into Autumn and Winter. They are £110 at Kurt Geiger.


This is a really fun skirt.  Careful what you wear it with though so you don’t look like a martian.  A simple tee with this and black heels/flats would be best.  It’s £8 at Boohoo.

If that skirt is a little short for you, how about the one below?

zara gold skirt

Worn with very high heels and a simple fitted top or shirt, I think this would look great. NOT the outfit that Zara has chosen to pair with it. It’s £79.99.

If you want to add a very subtle bit of metallic, why not jump on the collar craze?


This one is £15 from asos.

Finally, the simplest way to metallic of all, the silver belt.  £5 from Oasis.


Happy shopping x

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  1. nataliejo210 says:

    I love the metallic skirts! I just started my blog and it would mean so much if you could check it out! followed btw xx

  2. Hi Hannah I nominated you for a liebster award check it out here

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