Autumn Winter 2013 fashion trends – BEFORE YOU SHOP


Yes, yes it’s still summer but if you want to act like you know your fashion, you need to start thinking about your Autumn/Winter wardrobe now.


Well, the first step you need to take – and this will save you a FORTUNE – is to check how many of next season’s trends are actually covered by your wardrobe already.  It may sound obvious, but we often forget to check what we have already and just assume new season means new patterns, colours and styles and therefore NEW CLOTHES!!!

To illustrate my point, I did a bit of a dig around in my wardrobe today to see how many trends I could cover off without treading a single toe over the entrance of a shop and I did quite well.

I’m not covering all of the trends here as I need SOMETHING to blog about in the future so here are just the trends my wardrobe currently covers.  And I have to say it’s not too shabby if I do say so myself!

(1) Bold bright colours and (2) Big prints

bold and bright

As you can see here (I am sorry about the quality of the pictures….one day soon I shall display my MASSIVE wardrobe far more eloquently), I have 3 dresses in bold bright colours, some bright knitwear and a fab yellow Benneton jacket.  I also have a few items in a jazzy print.   (No other word sums the prints up as well as jazzy.)

Navy (3)


Who knew I owned so much navy!? I possess several jumpers, 3 dresses and a long sleeved top so I don’t need to buy anymore of this! DONE.

Wet look sheen (4) and leather (5)


I possess two metallic jumpers, 2 sheen skirts, one pair of wet look leggings (which I love), and a leather jacket.  To this lot, I plan to add this skirt:

zara gold skirt from Zara and this tshirt

fwmthat I spotted earlier today in Fenn Wright Manson at John Lewis in the SALE.  And then I think I might be DONE.  (Although I have seen a few black leather dresses knocking about and they look loverly.

Leopard print (6)


Ok ok there is snake print here but hey I’m making the point about the level of animal print I possess. I also have a leopard print scarf somewhere but it will require some time to find it in the depths of my cupboards…..  On my wishlist is a leopard print coat (preferably fur-like as this is trend (7) )

Oversized (8) and masculine (9)


I have said before that I own A LOT of blazers.  The trends oversized and masculine are kind of covered with these blazers above due to them being long in the body with large shoulderpads but I will seek out a few more tailored items …..

Other trends to look out for in your wardrobe include (10) pale pink, (11) oxblood red, (12) tartan, (13) tartan, plaid and camouflage prints, and (14) midi-skirts.

Right, I really hope this post inspires you to do an audit of your wardrobe before you hit the shops.  You could save a fortune and give some of your older clothes a revival!


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  1. thetrickyniki says:

    Well this has brought me up to speed with the autumn winter fashion trends 🙂

    Feel free to check out my blog or even give it a follow if you like it 🙂

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