Padron peppers

You know when you’re cooking a meal and you want something to nibble on?  Or when you feel like you want a starter but you don’t want the faff of masses of extra cooking?  Well PUT AWAY THOSE FATTY CRISPS AND NUTS! I HAVE A SOLUTION!

padron peppers 2

Padron Peppers are small green peppers from North West Spain which due the climate in which they are grown can end up either mild or spicy. AND THERE’S NO WAY TO TELL A MILD AND SPICY ONE APART! It’s russian roulette for your mouth.

Cooked with a little oil and salt they are absolutely delicious and you have the extra thrill of determining whether you’ll get the spicy one or two in the packet?!?!

Here’s how to make them.

padron peppers packet

Heat a frying pan with some oil on a high heat.

padron peppers raw

Add the peppers and stir them around occasionally.

padron peppers in pan

In the period of 4-5 minutes, you will see the peppers start to sizzle and squirm about in the pan as their skins burst and blister.

padron peppers cooking

Once they all have sufficient blistering, sprinkle with salt.  I think chunky sea salt is best.

sea salt

And then give them a little stir and put onto a plate.

padron peppers

Serve immediately as once they cool they start to shrivel and lose their look.

Enjoy! x

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