Copying star style on a budget

I hate to admit this but I am frequenter of the sidebar of shame. The Daily Mail’s website and its ‘celeb’ page is visited by me almost daily.  The content is light, and a lot of the stories centre around a ‘celeb’ I’ve never heard of but…I can’t help myself.

The reason I make this bold claim is that the outfit I am going to be recreating shoestring-style came from this website.  So forgive me.  Please.

Kate Hudson recently attended some designer bash or another and looked beauuuuuutiful in a red dress and heels.  Her hair was tied back, she wore minimal jewellery but the effect was knockout.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Her versace dress costs hundreds of pounds and I’m sure her shoes aren’t from primark either!  That being said, I have pulled together an outfit which I think closely resembles this ensemble and is much much more affordable for us minions.

red new look

This is New Look, available at asos  for £14.99!

zalando heels

And these are Carvela at Zalando for £100.

Quite a good copy, don’t you think? x

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