Musings from a Mrs

I haven’t blogged for a while. Why is that? Well, I bought a house and moved in, experienced a death in the family, worked very hard for and then succeeded in getting a promotion at work, and, oh yes, P and I got MARRIED!

Quite a lot to cram into 6 months so as you can imagine, my new husband and I were ABSOLUTELY GAGGING for a break.

As with any holiday, I spend the first few days embracing all that is on offer:
1. The sun – I get very burnt. And inexplicably the burn happens in strange patches like I’ve been sun bathing under a giant tennis racket, or the sun has simply decided to sneeze on me. You could say it’s the Scottish blood but mum who is Fife-born, needs to do no more than wink at the sun and she’s looks ready to appear on TOWIE.
2. The food – At home, my breakfast consists of toast but on holiday, the delights of a buffet are too much to bear and I take several trips back to the food selection to try everything on offer. On the following days, even though I’ve now tried everything I feel I simply must try them again and my miraculously expanding appetite allows me to do the same thing at lunchtime and dinner!
3. The drinks – as well as sampling lots of cocktails with silly names, I also drink beer on holiday. As I don’t usually drink it, it has the miraculous effect of warming my chest, making me burp and causing me to giggle tipsily after the first sip. It’s BLOODY BRILLIANT.
4. Kindle time – as I drive to work, and don’t have time to read in bed, I don’t read books very much anymore. It’s tragic and I can feel my brain slowly dying during the winter months as a result. Seriously, words are just falling out of my vocabulary. But when holiday time comes around, the kindle comes out and I consume books like nobody’s business. I’ve just finished John Niven’s kill my friends and it’s FILTHY but a very good read.

Anyway, after the first four or five days, I adapt my ways. I’m sure you do the same. My sun burn starts to soothe and my skin feels ready to take on a factor below 50. As a result, the white patches start to take on colour and I develop an even tan of beige. I AM PROUD OF THIS.

In terms of food, I recognise that a steady flow of crispy bacon and cheesy omelettes is not doing my heart any favours and take the odd day off to consume the elements of the breakfast buffet I had yet to sample: fruit and cereal. We’ve even been to the gym!!!

In terms of booze, P and I tried to enforce a rule he set that meant no cocktails before 12 but I’m still failing on that one. The strawberry daiquiris taste just like breakfast Innocent smoothies so who’s to blame there?!

The other thing that happens a few days into a holiday, and the reason I have blogged today, is I start to get very deep in my thoughts about life, direction and purpose. (Note, this is not entirely all tequila’s fault.)

I stopped blogging because I felt I didn’t have the time to do it properly and coming up with topics seemed too hard. However, I miss the engagement from fellow bloggers and followers. Also, now that we’re married, P doesn’t have to listen to my ramblings – it wasn’t mentioned in the vows – so this is a good place to share them. In short, I’M BACK BABY!!!

More to follow soon. I’m off for another margarita! Xx

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  1. pbrice73 says:

    Kill YOUR friends


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