London, you make me proud. Going up the Shard

Last year, P got me tickets to the Shard for my birthday.  Despite all the excitement of getting such a good present, booking our trip up there got added to a big long list of other things we needed to do.  So, as a result, an entire year passed.

Then, during a phase I went through of ‘yesIknowimgettingmarriedthisyearbutimorganisedsoimgoingtogetmylifesortedinstead’, I booked our trip.  Due to other commitments etc, we had to book it sometime in advance so we didn’t realise the 3 week extravaganza that the Shard trip would be a part of.


You see, two weeks ago, I stood on top of the Rockefeller Center gazing down at the wonders of New York city (blog to follow), this weekend, I stood on the Shard looking down proudly at London Town and next weekend, I’m in Dubai and my mate has promised we can go up the Burj Khalifa!  Three sightseeing skyscrapers in 3 weeks! Got to be a record, no?

There’s no doubt about it. The Shard is impressively beautiful and whether you’re a tourist wishing to see all of London ‘quickly’ or a local challenging themselves to identify every building and find home, it’s well worth it.

view from the shard

How can anyone look at this and tell me London isn’t the best city in the world?

You go up to the 79th floor and then can take the stairs a further 3 floors up to the top floor. Don’t wear a loose skirt though as it’s windy up there!

london eye

hannah green

Tickets are £25 each and you can stay up there as long as you like, so do it!

And…. if you need another incentive….there’s a champagne bar up there.


Oh, and remember the date jar I got on my hen do?





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  1. Anonymous says:

    So pleased you’ve started to tick off the sticks in your date jar. How many are there? We demand a “tick” count.

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